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International Islamic Fiqh Academy demands immediate release of female students abducted in Nigeria - 2014-05-07

Jeddah - The International Islamic Fiqh Academy (IIFA), a subsidiary organ of OIC, issued a statement on the abduction of female students in Nigeria where it expressed utmost indignation and strong condemnation of what has been reported in the media about the Nigerian group "Boko Haram" of kidnapping and detaining a group of students from their schools and announcing that they will deal with these girls as captives and slaves and offering them for sale or forcing them to marry.

The General Secretariat of IIFA, which was shocked by the news of this heinous act, strongly demands the release of these innocent students immediately and to release them without causing them any harm. It emphasizes that this crime and other crimes committed by the likes of these extremist organizations contradicts all humanitarian principles and moral values and violates the provisions of the Koran and the  Sunnah (Prophet’s teachings).

The General Secretariat of the IIFA calls on all the good people of chivalry and honor in the Nigerian society to exert every effort to address these phenomena and to save these girls as quickly as possible.

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