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OIC participates in the UNDP Global Expert Consultation on Radicalization - 2014-05-21

OIC Secretary General's Special Envoy on Intolerance and Discrimination against Muslims and Advisor on Human Rights Ambassador Omur Orhun represents the OIC General Secretariat at the UNDP Global Expert Consultation on “Radicalization and its Impact for Development, Violence Prevention and Conflict Resolution”, held in Istanbul on 21-23 May 2014.

The objective of the Meeting was described as using the results to be obtained to produce a guiding document that would articulate shared understandings, best practices, lessons learned and approaches to addressing and mitigating radicalization. Common conceptualization of the process of radicalization forms of radicalization, relationship between radicalization and development, violence prevention and conflict transformation, as well as challenges and opportunities for addressing radicalization through a development approach were also cited among the aims of the exercise. Since the UNDP’s main area of responsibility is related to development, the subject matter of radicalization was undertaken as one of the main challenges curtailing sustainable development.


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