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Uzbekistan assumes the OIC Group Chairmanship in New York - 2016-11-02

The OIC Group convened at the Ambassadorial level with an agenda, including the handover of the Group Chairmanship in New York from the State of Kuwait to the Republic of Uzbekistan. The other agenda items included a briefing by the Permanent Representative of Uzbekistan, in his capacity as the Chair of the OIC Group, on the conclusions of the 43rd OIC Council Foreign Ministers, briefing by the Commissioner General of the UNRWA, briefing by the OIC Independent Permanent Human Rights Council, and any other business.

At the outset, before handing over the chairmanship, the Permanent Representative of Kuwait provided a summary of activities undertaken by the Group and by the Chair under his tenure. Enclosed herewith is his statement for your kind information. Having assumed the Chairmanship of the Group, the Permanent Representative of Uzbekistan briefed the Group about the conclusions of the 43rd OIC Council of Foreign Ministers Meeting.

He stated that Uzbekistan’s chairmanship of the OIC CFM was held under a slogan of “The education and enlightenment – path to peace and creativity”. Accordingly, he said, the CFM paid a special attention to such issues as an in-depth contemplation of historical scientific heritage of outstanding scholars and thinkers of the Islamic world, ensuring growth of investments and input into a human capital, development of the system of education, upbringing of the forthcoming generation in the spirit of strife to master the universal human and Islamic values and summits of modern science.

Moreover, he briefed the Group about the ongoing preparations for the forthcoming presidential elections in his country. He said that upon the passing of the late president Islam Karimov, in line with the constitutional requirement to hold early presidential elections within three months, Central Election Commission set 4 December as the election day, and announced the start of election campaigning from 9 September. He stressed that the Government of Uzbekistan was ready to hold this momentous political event in an open manner, in accordance with universally acclaimed international election standards.

Following the briefing by Dr. Saleh Al Kathlan, Commissioner, on the OIC Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission’s activities and program of work in 2016-2017, under the agenda item “any other business”, the Permanent Representative of Qatar drew attention of the Group to the Third Committee’s ongoing deliberations.

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