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OIC Permanent Observer to the UN, Met with OCHA Coordinator for Central African Republic (CAR) - 2017-06-30


On 30 June 2017 the OIC Permanent Observer to the United Nations in New York Ambassador Agshin Mehdiyev received experts from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) to discuss the ongoing humanitarian situation in the Central African Republic.


During the briefing about the conflict in the region which is changing rapidly, OCHA experts explained about their activities on the ground along with UNDPKO underscoring the challenges they have faced during their missions.


Central African Republic is among the countries with the largest per capita need for humanitarian assistance, with more than half of the population needing humanitarian assistance, with barely 30% of funding available. 


Given the fragile political progress and deteriorating security situation due to armed groups fighting for power, OCHA expressed concern over ongoing situation, including safety of approximately 2000 Muslim minority IDPs stranded in Bangassou.


Ambassador Mehdiyev assured them of the OIC readiness to assist with partners in their humanitarian challenges, and indicated that the OIC condemned acts of violence perpetrated at Bangassou in Central Africa, by Anti Balaka militias, on 12-13 May 2017. In the same vein, he referred to the OIC Secretary General’s statement in which he expressed deep regret over the occurring violence there, and stressed the OIC’s solidarity with the Central African Republic and its readiness to provide full support for peace and reconciliation between different races and restore security and stability. 

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