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 1- The OIC Ministerial Contact Group on Bosnia Herzegovina convened on 18 September 2017 in New York and was attended by the OIC Secretary General and other members of the Group.

2- Statements were heard from the OIC Secretary General HE. Iyad Ameen Madani and other members of the OIC Contact Group addressed the meeting.

3- The meeting was briefed by the representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the current situation in Bosnia Herzegovina.

4- The meeting reviewed the general situation in Bosnia Herzegovina since the last reporting period and reiterated the OIC support to preserve unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty and international personality of Bosnia and Herzegovina, within internationally recognized borders, as a fully functional and self-sustainable state capable of carrying out its powers and fulfilling its international obligations without absolute blockade mechanisms as well as its multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious structure.

5- The meeting called on the elected political leaders to consider their responsibilities as trust placed on them to promote the general interests of the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina, and thus urged them to intensify all efforts in undertaking the necessary reforms that are necessary to fully ensure democratic elections and stability in the country,

6- The meeting called on all parties to cooperate with the institutions mentioned in the Dayton-Paris Peace Accords, notably the High Representative and the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.

7- The meeting welcome took note of the support expressed by the Bosnia and Herzegovina’s leadership towards a European perspective on the basis of the Peace Agreement.

8- The meeting welcomes the positive step taken by the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina for submitting the country’s application to join the European Union, and urged the authorities to intensify their efforts to advance the reforms needed for interrelation.

9- The meeting expressed its deep concern over inadequate implementation of the key elements of the Dayton Peace Agreement, particularly relating to the building of the state institutions, regulatory framework, and return of refugees & displaced persons of their origin.

10- The meeting expressed great concerns with the renewed statements by officials of the Republika Srpska calling for that entity’s secession from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and called upon all the political factions to focus on the country’s economic and development priorities and the need for the country’s politicians not to engage in divisive or inflammatory rhetoric, which might threaten the territorial integrity of the state and compromise its progress towards European integration.

11- The meeting condemns the terrorist attack carried out by a single perpetrator in Sarajevo on 18 November 2015 attack which resulted to the death of two soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Bosnia and Herzegovina.

12- The meeting called upon the all the political leaders of Bosnia and Herzegovina to join their forces for the common future of the country and thus focus on the reform process.

13- The meeting acknowledged the significance of the continued contributions of the OIC countries of the Peace Implementation Council to the budget of the Office of the High Council.

14- The meeting encourages the regional efforts towards confidence building among stakeholders in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the neighboring countries.

15- The OIC Contact Group underlined the importance of the rule of law as part of any settlement impacting on the future of the country and invites all local and international actors to focus on the need to fully implement the existing legal obligations when presenting solutions for the future.

16- The meeting called upon the OIC Secretary General to actively follow up the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina within the implementation of the resolution adopted by the 43nd meeting of the Council of Foreign Affairs held in Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan.

17- The meeting also called upon OIC Member States and OIC Financial institutions to contribute generously to the OIC Trust Fund for the Return of the Displaced Persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina to enable the Fund to continue its reconstruction and development activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

18- The meeting emphasized the importance of the economic development in consolidating peace and stability in Bosnia and Herzegovina and invites the Islamic Development Bank to develop result-oriented projects in cooperation with relevant development agencies of the Member States for ameliorating the economic and social conditions of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

19- The meeting called for the continued interest and support of the OIC and its Member States in the stability and prosperity of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the face of the critical period it is passing through. It called for regular convening of the Contact Group to continue the OIC support to the Bosnian people.

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